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In addition to local and express bus service to Beijing and other areas in the northeast, Dalian is connected by passenger ship service to neighbouring coastal cities, such as Tianjin and Yantai, as well as Incheon, South Korea.

Life and Culture

Dalian was rated No 1 of the most livable city in China in 2006 according to China Daily.

Dalian is widely regarded as the most beautiful city of China.

Dalian Dialect

Standard Mandarin is usually spoken in Dalian because it is a city with people from various locations. Among the Dalianites, however, the Dalian dialect is used, which belongs to the Jiao Liao Mandarin subgroup spoken from Shandong Province to Liaoning Province. The majority of the original Dalianites were the poor farmers and fishermen who had come from Shandong Province in a large population move called "Chuang Guandong". Among the Dalian dialect's features are a few loanwords from and , reflecting its history of foreign occupation , which is a very rare case in the Chinese language.


:Sports play a big role in the local culture. The city's mayor, a young princeling encouraged a top league soccer team with foreign aid and a lot of city cash to increase the city's image in the country and bring local fame. They have been caught out several times though and the heyday of the Super Team has passed. The city's soccer team has dominated the sport in China and Asia by winning 7 titles out of the past 9 years of Chinese professional soccer league. The city is also a powerhouse producing numerous track and field champions.

:The Dalian's soccer club is Dalian Shide , one of fifteen teams in the Chinese Super League. Prior to 2000, they were known as Dalian Wanda . Dalian Shide achieved success as:
:*Premium A Champions 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002
:*Asian Club Championship Runners-Up 1997
:*Asian Cup Winners' Cup Runners-Up 2001
:*Chinese Super Cup Winners 1997, 2001, 2003
:*China FA Cup Winners 2001

City-Wide Festivals

:Xinghai Square, the Xinghai Conference Center, the Dalian World Expo Center and the hotels on Renmin Rd. are the places where Dalian's major annual events are held: Fireworks Displays , Dalian International Walking Festival , Dalian Locust Flower Festival , Dalian International Marathon , China International Software & Information Service Fair , Dalian International Beer Festival , Dalian International Auto Show and Dalian International Fashion Week .

:Every September Dalian hosts the Dalian International Fashion Festival . This festival is a chance for many major foreign companies to showcase their new products and sign up buyers. Before the festival, the city holds an opening ceremony attended by government officials as well as famous stars of the entertainment world.

Zoo and Museums

:Dalian is the home of three zoological parks: Dalian Forest Zoo, Sun Asia Ocean World, and Polar World. The Forest Zoo has a free-range animal section as well as a more traditional zoo. Shengya Ocean World includes an underwater conveyor through a transparent tunnel. Polar World is the only park devoted to polar animals in China. Dalian is also home to a number of public squares, including Xinghai Square.

Food and Restaurants

:The local cuisine heavily depends on variety of fresh seafood and fruits, both of which are abundant in the area.

Inter-Governmental and People-to-People Communication

Japan maintains a Consulate General office and a JETRO office in Dalian, reflecting a relatively large Japanese population.

Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry has about 700 corporate members. Those Japanese who had lived in Dalian before the War have organized the Dalian Society. There are such voluntary groups as the Lilac Society and the Dalian Mountaineering Association.


Five religions are "officially approved" by the Chinese government. Taoist temples are not found in downtown Dalian, but in Lushunkou District , and in Jinzhou District . Buddhist temples are in downtown Dalian , on the northern side of Anzi Mountain , at Daheishi , in Lushunkou District , and in Jinzhou District 'Guanyinge-Shengshui Temple on Dahei Mountain). Dalian Islamic Mosque is on Beijing Street.

Dalian Catholic Church is in downtown Dalian, west of Dalian Railway Station. Protestant churches are near Zhongshan Square , on Changjiang Street , on Xi-an Road , east of the airport , in Jinzhou and in Lüshunkou District . There are many other underground Christian fellowships .

Local Celebrities

, Mifune Toshirō was a famous Japanese actor who appeared in almost 170 feature films. He was born in Qingdao, China, to Japanese parents, and grew up in the Chinese city of Dalian with his parents and two siblings.

Dong Jie, is a popular actress from Dalian, Liaoning, China. In 2000 she played the female role of Wu Ying in a Zhang Yimou art-house film. Her movie, Happy Times , was also extensively filmed in and around the city of Dalian.


There are the following schools of higher education and research centers:

Colleges and Universities

*Dalian Fisheries University 大连水产学院
*Dalian Jiaotong University 大连交通大学
*Dalian Maritime University 大连海事大学
*Dalian Medical University 大连医科大学
*Dalian Polytechnic University 大连工业大学
*Dalian University 大连大学
*Dalian University of Foreign Languages 大连外国语学院
*Dalian University of Technology 大连理工大学
*Dongbei University of Finance and Economics 东北财经大学
*Liaoning Normal University 辽宁师范大学
*Neusoft Institute of Information 东北大学东软信息学院

Some universities are undergoing relocations from the metropolitan area to the suburban districts. In 2007, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Dalian Medical University were moved to Lüshunkou District, just east of Baiyin Mountain Tunnel .

Missouri State University Branch Campus Dalian is a dual management private school with a western director.

Research Centers

*Dalian Institute of Chemistry & Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sister cities of Dalian

The following are sister cities of Dalian:
* Szczecin, Poland
* Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
* , Japan
* Le Havre, France
* Vancouver, Canada
* Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
* , Germany
* Incheon, South Korea
* , California,
* Rostock, Germany
* , Japan
* Vladivostok, Russia
* Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo
* Adelaide, Australia
* Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Environmental protection

Dalian frequently ranks Grade 2 for air pollution according to .

Plastination center

The German Gunther von Hagens runs a plastination center in Dalian.

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