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Baita District , has an area of 22 square kilometers and population of 220,000.
Wensheng District , has an area of 50 square kilometers, population 170,000.
Hongwei District , has an area of 66 square kilometers, population 110,000.
Gongchangling District , has an area of 285 square kilometers, population 90,000.
Taizihe District , has an area of 150 square kilometers, population 120,000.
Dengta City , has an area of 1,349 square kilometers, population 500,000.
Liaoyang County , has an area of 2,822 square kilometers, population 600,000.


Although the lack of greenspace throughout the city is noticeable, there are a few historical sites to be visited. The LiaoYang museum - built in 1921 and open to public since 1984 - contains many antiques. The temple surrounding BaiTa was destroyed during WWII and recreated to became one of LiaoYang's main tourism attraction in recent years. Other tourist attractions in LiaoYang include memorial sites and old cities. In the downtown area busy shopping malls can be found. The shopping area includes a total of 5 malls and traffic-free streets with many Chinese brand name stores. Within the malls, you can find unique stores and cheap goods. On the streets, there are many interesting and delicious regional snacks. Also in the shopping area is a street with many Korean BBQ restaurants . Further afield, you'll find many more different types of Chinese restaurants including Huo Jia Jiaozi, a traditional dumpling restaurant. Also look for Ming Du Sangna, a place where the wealthy elite meet for a bath.

''Famous people from Liaoyang''
Xueqin Cao" : he was known by "hong lou meng".

Sister Cities

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