Thursday, October 16, 2008


Wafangdian is a part of Dalian, located in the Liaoning province of China. The city is famous for its ball bearing industry. Wafangdian Bearing Factory is the largest bearing manufacturer in Asia and was initially built by the Japanese during World War II.


Wafangdian city is located in the mid-west of Liaodong Peninsula. The total area is 3793 square kilometres with the population of 1,020,000. Wafangdian is characterised by temperate continental monsoon climate. There are rich mines here. Wafangdian is a newly-developed city of diamond in the East and its deposits of diamond account for 54% of the national proven diamond deposits. The deposits of the limestone reach over 400,000,000 cubic metres. Wafangdian is famous for bearings and apples in China. Wafangdian has solid industry base, fast--developing agriculture, convenient transportation and telecommunications.


Wafangdian is mainly a process area and the whole city is planned into 6 subareas in detail as followings:

Coastal Area

Wafangdian has 461 kilometres of coast line and the annual quatic output is over 250,000 tons including sea cucumber, prawn, clam, crab, mullet, Spanish macherel, jellyfish, scallop, aballone and mantis-shrimp etc. The following thirteen towns and communes belong to this area: Changxingdao, Jiaoludao, Dong gang, Fuzhouwan, Paotai, xianyuwan, etc.. Yongning, xiyang, Tuoshan and Santai etc.

Investment Area for the Agriculture and Native Products Process

Wafangdian has rich agriculture and native products. The total export value exceeds RMB 1 billion yuan in 1999. The main products include meat-chick, bee-honey, peanut, dried-gourd, burdock, horgeradish, red-bean and other products. The products are mainly produced and processed in the followings 14 towns: Fuzhoucheng Town, Laohutun Town, Paotai Town, Yong-ning Town, etc..

Subarea for Industry Production

Wafangdian has a solid industry base with complete product kinds. There are many industries such as bearings, parts for auto and the agriculture machiney, castings, machinexy process, foodstuff, textile and garment, etc.. The fallowing towns and communes include this subarea: Yongning, Laohutun, Yandian, and the Street committees of Zhuhua, etc..

Investment Area for Fruit Process

Wafangdian has rich resources in fruit. The total output reached over 300,000 tons in 1999, The main fruits are as following: apple, pear, plum, peach, strawchew, apricot and grape, etc.. Thirteen towns and communes belong to this subarea: wanjialing, Songshu Tucheng, and Gangdian Street Committee, etc..

Investment Subarea for Tourism and Service in Wafangdian

Wafangdian has beautiful beach, sand, scenic spots and natural warm spring. All this consists good conditions for tour here. The following places are satisfied for tourism service, they are Changxingdiao Town, Liguan Town, Xutun Town, Xianyuwan Town and Tuoshan Commune, etc..

Economic Development Zone

Wafangdian Economic Development Subarea is located in the south-west of Wafangdian. It's two kilometres from the centre of the city. The planned area of the Economic Development Zone is 2.9 square kilometres including the Hi-tech Garden, Industry Process Area, Storage and Transportation Area, Living Area and the Service Area and also there is the green area. The roads have been built now and the "five-through and one flat" engineering will be finished soon.

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